About Us

Welcome to Ohev Tzedek! 🙂 Founded in 2016, Ohev Tzedek is a lay-led, independent Orthodox partnership minyan based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

We are a kehillah (community) of people drawn together through our shared commitment to guarding Torah observance and ensuring all Jews have a place at the table. Members of our leadership team come from diverse hashkafot (perspectives) within Orthodox Judaism and attend various synagogues and minyanim.

We are not affiliated with any local synagogue or minyan. As at our founding we were unaware of any Sydney-based Orthodox rabbis who support Orthodox partnership minyanim and who would thus be willing to provide ongoing halachic guidance, we respect their wishes not to be involved. We are honoured to be operating under halachic guidance from Orthodox Rabbinic Advisor R. Ysoscher Katz (שליט”א).

We follow a collaborative leadership team model focused on:

  • increasing ritual leadership of women and non-binary folks to the fullest extent possible within Halachah (Jewish law),
  • building an inclusive and caring community in which we can grow together in Torah learning and observance, and
  • inspiring passion for social justice.

You can find out more about us and our events by clicking the links on this website.